Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing: Happy Lu Vintage

Hello, friends!  I know it's been a while.  Too long. But I'm excited to share a little project with you I've been working on. I give you...

Happy Lu Vintage is the manifestation of my love of old things all wrapped up in a cute little shop!  Being that a happy day for me is one lost in the aisles of a thrift store or rummaging through garage sales with my two guys, it was only natural that I share my treasures with you!  Well, that and if I keep bringing things home my husband may disown me.  But none the less, it is my dream to scour and share.  

I even made it easy for you my adding a little preview over there to the right.

I hope you like it and find something that makes you smile, and hey, if you tell a friend about it that's cool too!

Happy picking, everyone!

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