Friday, February 25, 2011

{Fashionista Friday}

Things I'm digging today...

Polka Dots

boyfriend cut jeans with heels

Zooey Deschanel and her bangs (and this diagram)

What are you digging today?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you seen my brain?

Really.  Have you seen it?  Because it dawned on me that I utterly and completely and totally forgot about Waking Wednesday.  I'm so sorry.  Even though I was a poopy head, I'm very appreciative of those who participated in the last Waking Wednesday.  Check these out...

Amanda at The Ivy Cottage shows us how to whip up a delish looking lemon pepper crock pot dish...yum!

while we're on the subject of yum, here's a recipe I'm dying to try: sweet craisin banana bread from Lisa at The Pursuit of Happiness.

In the craft department, Monique from Naturally Me Creations shared what she's been working on...

a sweet chore chart - scrap book style

Thanks again for participating, and I promise to keep my head screwed on long enough to remember it next week.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steals and Deals!

So I was watching the TODAY show this morning and caught a segment they have called "Steals and Deals."  I am constantly losing or breaking my sunglasses, so this particular deal was soo great that I wanted to pass it along to you in case you missed it!  The deals are only good for 24 hours so everything ends tomorrow morning.
(you can see the full list of the deals {here}):

$4 Giant Vintage Sunglasses (Regularly $16)

On the right hand side, click on TODAY SHOW DEALS. They have a few different styles.  This is one of the pair I bought (the other sold out already!):

Be patient with their website, they are bombarded with orders.  They may even direct you to their facebook page, but just keep trying.  You might even be able to call and order over the phone.  IMPORTANT:  When you check out, enter "TODAY" as the promo code to get your discount.  If you want them, don't wait.  They are selling out quickly! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Monday everyone!  Is your week off to a great start?  Have you had your coffee yet?  My little guy was up quite early today, so I'm going to boast in the fact that I had my first cup by 6:30.  Apparently new moms find crazy new things to boast about.  Like the fact that your baby had 3 days of great pooping!  Oh, dear.
Anyhow, we had a fantastic weekend (I hope you did too!)  With some special family members in town, I put together a big family picnic at a near by park.  It was great fun and as soon as I can gather and organize all of the pictures taken, I'll be sure to post them.

Well it's Monday, and you know what that means...


This week I have a great find for you.  The creator is a girl after my own heart.  It's called Caits Creates.  Here's her button:

Cait is currently in Grad School, works a part-time job, and still manages to be crafty and bloggy!  I say she's a girl after my own heart because she's all about thrifting.  Many of her posts share her great thrifty finds and how she oh, so creatively upcycles them into something fabulous!  

One of my favorite Caits Creates revamp is this placemat turned pillow:

she also made this blah mirror totally great!

Another feature that makes this blog read-worthy is the "Deal of the Week" segment.  She manages to find ways to get things cheap or free like $5 movies or free Valspar paint!   Now who wouldn't love that?

So there you have it.  Another great new blog to add to your roll.  Hop on over and show Cait some BLOVE!  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Fashionista Friday}

Ok, so I know it's not really Friday, but this week's topic is so exciting I couldn't keep it from you.  Are you sitting? Because you need to be sitting for this.  Ready?

Anthropologie just released a Wedding line!  

Behold.  B H L D N

Here is a sample of the brilliance that is Anthro.

and let's not forget the bridesmaids...

and the shoes...

and the beauty of it all...

Want more?  One of my most favoritist blogs - A Cup of Jo - gives you a more personal close up of the line {here}

Thank you, Anthro, for being so perfect and tempting me to spend thousands of dollars renewing our vows.  And thank you, friends, for reading.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blove & Waking Wednesday

Hello, Hello!  Did you have a sweet day yesterday?  We sure did!  I'll be posting pictures tomorrow of our first family Valentine's night.  It was lots of fun.  SO, I do believe I promised you an exciting Blove yesterday and didn't deliver.  I'm sorry.   To make up for it, I'm sending you a Blove and a Waking Wednesday.   I'm sure you can hardly contain yourself.  Ok, here we go:


This week's Blove is one of my personal favorites.  Not only is it a great new blog that you'll want to add to your daily reads, but the creator of it is my very own friend! 

If you met Bonnie (the brains behind Ink & Squid) you'd instantly want her as a friend.  She's that cool, artsy friend everyone wants to sit with for coffee, although she'd probably deny such an epithet.  Uber talented as a graphic designer (as you can tell by her banner) and artist, she also has mad skills in the fashion and photography department.  But more than that she's just a great person.  Bonnie started this blog after being put on total bed rest during her second trimester of being pregnant with twins.  The Lord has given her some challenges during this pregnancy, but instead of taking it bitterly, she has humbly accepted it and used it as a time of growth and encouragement to others (something we could all learn from). 

"I hope that as I spill out some of my thoughts, frustrations, joys, and inspirations here, it might help you unwind your brain a little bit, too. Thanks for joining me as I make my way through all of life's ink splatters." 

Ink and Squid is a chronicle of Bonnie's pregnancy as well as an outlet to share her eye for fashion and design sprinkled with some recipes and thought-provoking quotes.  Her writing style is so fluid and personal you'll feel as though you're good friends after only one post.  I definitely think you should give it a go, not because she's my friend, but because you will leave there inspired and encouraged if you do.  

And now for Waking Wednesday.  If you caught my earlier post you'll remember that the link partay is still on, but it's being changed to an all text format.  A bit of a bummer, but still cool.  I hope you'll continue to link up.  Also, if you linked up last week I'm sorry that I can't feature you.  I guess when my old linky subscription expired they took with them all of the entries, and I can't view them anymore.  Double bummer.   So let's start fresh, shall we?  

Here's what you do:

1.  Become a follower
2.  Post your great ideas
3.  Visit someone else's great idea
4.  Grab a button!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Waking Wednesday is back on!  After doing some research, I'm excited to say I found a website that offers free link parties!  The only difference is it doesn't show pictures, just links.  So, although it may not be as pretty, it's still a way to keep your crafts out there.  Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for reading Waking Lucia.  You're all so wonderful!

Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday!  I have an exciting new Blove to share with you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day: Print

Since VDay is so close, I decided to forego Fashionista Friday today and offer more suggestions.  Need a little extra something to add to your Valentine's Day gift?  Check out these free printables!

                                       1.  Candy Wrapper 
                                       2.  I "Wheelie" Like You               
                                       3.  I Love U
                                       4.  Fruit Stickers

 So much you can do with a printer!  Hope this got your juices flowing.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day: Make

Like I was saying, Valentine's day is right around the corner.  And although I'm sure you have everything totally planned out - flowers ordered, gifts wrapped, reservations made - I found these great ideas and thought I'd throw them up here just for the heck of it... to look at... not that you need help...cause you don't.

                                                                   1.  Gumball Necklace  
                                                                   2.  Stitching on Greenery
                                                                   3.  Framed Heart         
                                                                   4.  Wire Font

And while we're on the subject of gifts, I thought I'd share something I've made.  On my journey to awaken my Lucia I've become somewhat of a novice seamstress...and by novice I mean I know how to sew a straight stitch in something that somewhat resembles a straight line... sort of.  But I'm trying, and I've had a ton of inspiration.  One being my cousin.  She taught herself how to sew and quilt and embroider and I think she's awesome.  For my baby shower she made me the most adorable bib and burp cloth set.  I loved it so much I decided to copy her design (thanks Ang!) for my neighbor who just had a baby.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?  Well, here's the gift set I made - bib and teething necklace. 

As with each of my sewing projects, I learn a frustrating helpful lesson.  Lesson of the day - make your cuts exact!  I was so careful when cutting the main fabric, but rushed through cutting the terrycloth (the back) because I was too anxious to get to the sewing part - resulting in frustration and a bib with flaws.  Which brings me to lesson #2 - Don't get upset with your husband when he tells you it looks great!  He's being sweet - even if you know it looks terrible, don't insist he say that.  You know what I mean ladies.  Well, regardless, I'm proud of it and hopefully the new mommy getting it gets distracted by the pretty fabric and doesn't notice it's misshapen. 

Thanks for tuning in!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Waking Wednesday Hiatus

Dear friends,

I'm sorry to say that Waking Wednesday (not Waking Lucia!) is taking a pause.  Not by choice, but because the once free website that hosted the link parties is now charging for their service.  I understand the need for them to charge, and it's really quite reasonable, but my monies need to be spent elsewhere for the time being.   I'm sorry for the short notice, I actually just saw it myself, but I hope you'll continue to stop by.   Perhaps I'll figure out how to do a flicker group where we can still all share our ideas.  We'll see, but for now Wednesdays will be filled with great craft ideas I've found around the web - which is fun too! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in Waking Wednesdays.  It means so much to me that you would think to include me in your craft journey.  You've inspired me and others time and time again.  All I can say is you ladies rock!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Felt Rose Hair Pin Tutorial

Valentine's day is literally right around the corner, and although it may not be a holiday of Christmas-y proportions, there's no better time to show those in your life you think they're special!  I don't know about you, but there are a lot of special people in my life, but I don't have deep pockets - so sweet and simple is the name of the game.  In the same boat?  Well, here's a super easy, super cheap, super fast idea... felt rose hair pins!

Here's what you need:

felt, glue gun, scissors, bobby pin  

1.  cut out a felt circle.  I traced a circle onto a piece of cardboard first to use as a rough template.  I decided on one that was approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.  

2.  Cut your circle into a spiral.

3.  Start in the middle of your spiral and start rolling all the way around, dotting with glue as you go.  It sounds easy, and it is, but don't get frustrated if it isn't exactly the way you want it on the first try.  As with making any rolled flower, the more you do it the better you get.  Your rose is complete, but we're not done yet!

4.  Cut out a small circle (just eyeball it) to cover the back.  I like to use contrasting colors, but that's just my preference.  

5.  Now.  Take your little circle and slide it into your bobby pin all the way to the back.  

6.  Squirt a big ol' glob of hot glue onto that small circle and bobby pin and stick it onto the back of your cute little rose.

7.  Voila!  Love on a bobby pin.

Thanks for reading - I think you're special!  If I could, I'd make one for you!

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