Let me explain.
The idea to start a blog didn't come swiftly for me.  Blogging to me was a sort of mystery; something that other people did, articulate people, artsy people.  I was content watching from afar. admiringly.  I watched as they created and spoke, bringing beauty to the masses with the stroke of a key.  It was inspiring and beautiful and surely beyond me.  The truth is I don't sew, although I have a sewing machine.  I'm not what you would call a fashionista, although I love the idea of refashioning old clothes into new creations.  I wouldn't even be able to decorate a shoebox if you gave me all the time in the world.

Not yet at least.

That's right.  This is my journey.  My transformation from Megan the stander-by, to Lucia the creator.  As Lucia I will learn what it means to re-purpose and design, I will forge my own unique style, and by golly I will be able to decorate a shoebox like nobody's business.

So here I go, all or nothing.  Join me fellow pilgrims!  Let's traverse together, sharing in our failures and victories. 

I am Lucia.  Who are you?


Have any questions or want to advertise?
Email me at:  wakinglucia@gmail.com

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