Friday, September 23, 2011

Business Cards

So you guys know I started a business, HappyLu Vintage, right?  Well I'm thinking of ways to promote it and the number one thing I feel I should have is a card.  Every business, (and blog!)  should have a card.  It's kind of like a first impression on paper (or maybe not on paper!?) to sell yourself to others.  You want it to be unique - to set you apart.  You want it to be a memorable, perhaps even fun, experience for the person receiving it.  Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing...

 confetti calling cards (One of my favorites!)

Danni at Oh, Hello Friend adds a push pin with her cards!

Who says business cards have to be rectangular?  Check out this tutorial!

And how about a creative way to display them?

make your own tiny envelopes

a mustache holder, seriously?  how cool is that?

Well, I have a feeling this is going to call for a part II because there are just too many great ideas to list.  I hope this has kick started your thinking, though!  Really the sky is the limit when it comes to designing a card that has YOU written all over it.   Just make sure that it tells a little piece of your story, not someone else's.  You want cool, but most importantly you want authentic.  I'm excited to get working on mine!
If you have other ideas or have seen something unique, let me know! 

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