Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google Inspiration

So what did you think of yesterday's Totally Tubular Tunes Tuesday?  Isn't Ingrid Michaelson fabulous?  Well I had mentioned that her song was featured in a mega commercial.  It's the new Google commercial, and I really wanted to get your thoughts on it...

Was I the only one who cried by the end of that?  FYI, the song playing was Ingrid Michaelson's "Sort Of". I thought it was an interesting idea, opening a separate Google account to serve as a kind of time capsule for you child.  It's definitely convenient, pretty all inclusive and quite modern.  As cool as I thought it was, though, I couldn't help to feel a little sad.  I tend to be a little old fashioned but isn't there a sort of beauty in a handwritten note or drawing, or actually holding a photograph you took?  As much as I love the mufti-faceted convenience of technology I can't help but see it as, in some aspects, a slow wearing away of our culture.
Anyways, it was just a thought I had.  It is really a cool concept. 

In case you're looking for a more traditional approach, however, here are some great tutorials I found.

 Create your own story book!  (by Disney at Ruffles and Stuff)  Her Photoshop tutorial can be found here.

Make your own video (Ok, I know that's computer related, but this is so cool!)

That's all I have so far.  Do you have any creative ways for documenting special things for your kids (or just in general)?  

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