Monday, January 17, 2011


Prepare to have your mind blown.  Too much?  Ok, well at least hold on to your pantelones (pants) because I have such a great blog for you today.  

Meet Melanie, creator of You Are My Fave blog and You Are My Fave Events.

Putting aside the fact that she's so darn cute, her blog is one great big ball of inspiration.  As the name suggests, Melanie shares some of the most fabulous finds around the www she calls her faves.  And let me tell you, homegirl has awesome taste.  From all things mustard yellow to pom poms and centerpieces, I guarantee you will fall in love, ehem, blove.  Oh, and to add to her coolness, she's a quite talented event coordinator.  Have a looksy:

Pinwheel Birthday

Baby Shower
(she made the cake stands.  mad skills.)

Backyard Harvest

So even if you don't accomplish a solitary thing this MLK day, stick your tongue out at that pile of dirty laundry in the corner and visit this blog.  You will most definitely fall in BLOVE!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

You're too sweet - thank you!

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