Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashionista Friday

I have a love affair with my mascara.  If you were to tell me that I was going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one thing with me, it would definitely be mascara.  Ok, maybe not the smartest answer, but you get the picture.  Well, in honor of my beloved mascara, this week I'm doing sort of a Fashionista Friday meets That's What She Said kind of a thing.  I give you (drum roll please)- THE GREATEST MASCARA EVER REVIEW (**greatest referring to the mascara, not the review... how shallow do you think I am?? )

**Ok, so YouTube decided to pick the absolute worst thumbnail to represent my video.  Don't let my creepy eye scare you, it gets better!  Whew, what a humbling process. 

On another note, I bumped into this little product on the web.  It's supposed to give you the perfect ponytail.  You can find it here.  Looks promising and something I might have to try.  Anyone else have any experience with it?  

Oh, and don't forget to enter my Lucia Designs Giveaway here!

Happy Friday, see you Sunday!

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