Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello, friends.  I've missed you.  Our week has been busy, but good.  Since we've last spoke, I've had an emergency root canal...woot, woot!  My dad (Papa) came in from out of town, my dear Abuelo is in the hospital, and the audiologist found fluid in my little man's ears.  Praise God they're not infected as he already has hearing loss - have I mentioned that before?  It doesn't sound like great things happened, but we've had some invaluable family moments that I wouldn't trade.  To mark the end of our week (and the beautiful day today), we took a family picture...

Now on to Blove!


This week's featured blog is called Smile Monsters (cute, right?).  No matter your crafting background or experience, you are going to love BLOVE this one.  Priding her projects as being simple and economical, you are sure to find something to top your to-do list!  

 As I navigate my way around Smile Monsters I think, "she makes it look so easy!"  Mother of three (two boys and a girl) and creator of a well established blog with followers, advertisers, and a killer tutorial and recipe list, Jo does it all.  Stop by and currently you'll find a great round up of Valentine ideas like these:

just to name a few.  

Stop by any other time and you'll find things like...

a really great behavior chart idea

this sooo cute rosey ring

toothbrush bracelet... that's right, bracelets made from toothbrushes
up-cyclers eat your heart out!

and these are just a few of the super creative ideas she comes up with!

Please stop by and show some Blove.  You will make her day, and she will definitely make yours!

Happy Monday!


SmileMonsters said...

Thank you so much for the blove! You are so sweet and certainly made my day!

Jo @ SmileMonsters

Jenna said...

I {heart} smilemonsters too!

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