Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Major Operation.

Hello, loves!  Well I know I haven't posted a Blove or T.T.T.T., but for a very good reason.  I have embarked on a serious mission. 
I call it...
Catchy, eh?  Well it's huge for me because if you know me you know I'm kind of everywhere when it comes to ideas for decorating my home, so each room has a sort of confused feel to them because I can't seem to complete a full designed thought.  And don't even get me started on knowing how to keep up with all of the clutter and the cleaning that comes from having a small (and quite old) house!  I really do my best to keep a neat and pretty home but, and maybe you can relate to this, I feel like I'm cleaning non-stop yet still not getting anywhere.   There has to be a better way.  I admit that I need help (that's the first step, right?) and have figured out that a decorating dim-wit like me can only accomplish a beautiful home by emulating.  You see, I'm not Nate Berkus-y enough to whip up a gorgeous room on my own because I understand there is a lot of factors that makes a room great - texture, depth, color palette, symmetry (a-symmetry).  Yet I know a great room when I see it, and some styles resonate with me and some don't.  So, I accept the fact that I must emulate (while also adding in my own touches here and there) if I'm going to get anywhere.  So that takes care of the decorating.

I'm also quite organizationally challenged.  I don't know if a very organized person can understand this, but it's literally like my brain is not hard-wired to know the neatest way to organize a group of anything.  Perhaps it's a lack of discipline or practice, I don't know, but I'm working on it.  Again, emulation.  And let me tell you, I have found the BEST person to emulate.  She's my very new best friend, actually (though we've never met.  or talked.  or communicated in any way.).

Meet Jen from I Heart Organizing.  She's brilliant, and if I were in any way polytheistic I would say she was the god of organization.  The girl oozes neatness. I stumbled across her blog and really it's what fueled me to start my mission.  I strongly encourage you to check her out and mooch off of her great ideas!

So enough word vomit, let me show you the challenge.  I will be overhauling my house room by room, each going through the same process:

1.  De-crap - purge the room of anything that is not useful, pretty, or necessary and either sell, donate, or toss.
2.  Streamline - Organize said room so that it is neat and functional.  Everything must have a "place"!
3.  Make Pretty- decorate each room so that it represents my family well and is inviting to others.

And one quickie little side note:  Although I have my husband's full support to turn our house upside down for a few weeks, it still doesn't change the fact that we are not, in fact, made of money (I am a stay-at-home-mom after all!).  So, I'm going to have to use my cleverness-ness and enlist the help of Craig and his list (get it?) and yard sales to accomplish some things, while other things will have to wait.  No biggie, I'm patient.  But the biggest help to my family is to get us organized which, believe it or not, is free! 

Sounds do-able, right?  I'm very excited and I really hope you'll join in!   

First up - we're going to master The Master Bedroom - because that's where all the magic happens.  And let me tell you, you're not going to feel very "magical" if you can't stand the sight of your room.  Not acceptable.  Tomorrow begins the De-Crap phase... who's with me?!?  And because we all can benefit from a little accountability (me most of all!) I made a button!  If you join in, either in part or in whole, show it off!  Maybe it will encourage someone else to take back their home! (I totally wanted to raise my fist while writing that.)  See you tomorrow!


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