Thursday, October 27, 2011

Operation: De-Crap and Make Pretty - Master Bedroom

Welcome to the first challenge of ...

We are starting with the Master Bedroom and I am utterly ashamed to say that mine is a disaster.  You see, I chose (for some unknown reason) to paint my room a sort of earthy eggplant color a few years back.  Seemed like a good idea at the time because I thought it was an interesting color.  Never mind the fact that I had nothing and knew of nothing I could pair with it to make it work for a bed room.  Now, I'm sure if you showed it to a designer they'd have a gazillion of ideas of what to do with it, but I've been clueless.  So - I have eggplant walls and bachelor furniture.  I say bachelor furniture because it's the furniture my husband had before we met - mis-matchy and one piece even still unfinished wood.  (My head has bowed down in shame while writing those words.)  

My closet is small, but luckily it is all mine as the hubs has claimed the closet down the hall as his own, yet so so messy because I have waaaayyyy too many clothes and no amount of organization to what is in it.  I know I could make good use of this space if I had a system.  So here are a few pics...please don't judge...I'm really a nice person!

When you first walk in you see my collage wall FAIL.  I used various frames I happen to have around the house and threw in some poems and notes that were special to us.  I somehow managed to overlap my mirror with one of the frames.  Don't ask me how.

Ok let me explain what's going on here (besides the awful quality).  You see, I bought that mirror for 5 bucks on Craigslist and hung it over my dresser.  Then, after moving furniture around our t.v. ended up on my dresser and I just never moved the mirror.  But this should give you a good picture of my clutter (since this is basically where I get ready everyday) and the eggplant.  Great.
 And here is my stencil wall.  I had this great idea not long ago to attempt to add some deminsion to the room, so I decided to make my own stencil and go for it.  I'm actually not too disappointed with it, except the gold color turned out a little more shimmery than what  I was going for. 
The curtains shown are just basic white curtains from ikea and there's really not much to say for my bed set up.  The hubs hates blankets (because he is a walking furnace), and I have a thing for vintage sheets, so I don't keep much of a spread.

To the left of my stencil wall are two more windows and the unfinished dresser I had mentioned.

And the closet.  This is primarily where the "de-crapping" is going to happen. As you can see I have an absurd amount of clothes, half of which I don't even wear.  And don't you love how I didn't even bother to move the fallen tote bag before taking the picture?  Oh, me. 

The top has a lot of potential for good storage but currently houses purses I never use, maternity clothes and a few bedspreads I don't love.

So now you see what I'm up against.  Please tell me you have a closet somewhere in your house that can rival mine.  Well now that I am completely red from embarrassment, I am off to de-crap!  Anything that I don't use, don't like, and can otherwise live without is going to meet mister trash bag until I get enough for a yard sale.  Ok.  Here I go, I can do this...  Who's with me?

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found your blog, and I loved this post! I feel like a lot of my apartment is in similar condition, but I'm on my own de-crapping journey. Going through my clothes is one of my goals for the weekend, so I'll be with you in closet-overload spirit ;)

~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

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