Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Master Bedroom De-Crap Update

Well I can say that I have seriously de-crapped my closet.  A little too much, in fact.  I went to get dressed the next day and realized I had no clothes, so I had to dig through my black bags of crap and retrieve a top or two.  I mentioned earlier that Let's take a look at what I was up against one more time...

I used Jen (you know, my best friend who doesn't know we're best friends) over at I Heart Organizing for inspiration.  Here was her fancy closet...

and now for my version...(ugh, when you look at hers and then at mine it doesn't look like a good transformation at all.  Ok, take a second and erase your brain of that previous picture.  Got it?  Ok, now look...  Ta-da!

 I know, I know, my clothes are not organized by color and type - just thinking about doing that exhausts my brain - but I'll work on it.  Eventually, too I'd like to get those fancy slim hangers so that everything is uniform.  I do have to say it's uber less stressful getting ready in the mornings when you have enough space to actually see what you have as well as not having to deal with the clothes you don't even really like.  With my new found space, I was able to add in a wicker drawer set that now houses some of my jewelry, under-thingies, and makeup.  Up top I have bins (which I'd like to eventually swap out for pretty wicker baskets) holding my purses and a (small) portion of my maternity clothes.  The rest of my maternity things and workout clothes are in piles still awaiting a pretty box.  At the very top are my extra bed spreads and thicker sweaters. 

I'm still working on getting the Mr. to de-crap his drawer as he has an absurd amount of old t-shirts (he has a harder time letting things go - don't tell him I told you!).  But I feel really good about calling this phase complete!  Now on to the Streamline and Make Pretty!  I may have kinda started on the Make Pretty all ready and I'm really excited to show you what I've done - tomorrow.  I know, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

So how is your de-crapping going? I'd love to feature your pretty closets - shoot me a picture - we all need the inspiration!

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