Monday, November 21, 2011

Regarding Finding Inspiration and Giving Thanks

Here's what I've learned in my four years of being married and even more so in my one year of being a mommy:  housekeeping is war.  A constant war.  And most of the time it feels like I'm on the losing end.  I've started this campaign to transform my home and get rid of the clutter and I have to tell you, I'm struggling.  It's not motivation I lack, it's vision and inspiration.  Because this is me stretching and working out my "design muscles", if you recall my "Waking Who?" page you'll remember I am not a born decorator, it can be mentally exhausting.  Some times I find myself standing in a room just staring at walls for a good 15 minutes racking my brain for vision.  It's comical really.  But I've found a way to keep me going.  What is it that Dory says on Finding Nemo?  "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."  I have a few small areas in my home that are like little breaths of fresh air when I see them. They're like blips on a radar, where I got it right.   I'm sure if you're experiencing the same frustrations as me you know what I'm talking about.   Maybe it's the way you stacked a few pretty books on a table, or the display of vases you have on a window sill.  No one else may ever comment on them or even notice them, but you see them and they make you smile.   Here's one of my happy spots....

The little tray was an Ikea find, the creamer was thrifted, and the stirring spoons passed down from my step-father's family.  I threw the yellow Tupperware in the shot because bright vintage-y things always make me smile!

 Seems silly right?  But you see, although there's nothing brilliant about this set-up and for sure you'll never see it in a magazine, it resonates with me.  The whole kitchen can be a wreck but this little nook is always well kept and it inspires me!  So that's what I have to say today, nothing mind blowing, but kind of important to remember.  Find you're happy spots and let them be your inspiration and motivation to just keep swimming. 

This Sunday my pastor mentioned Paul's letter to the Thessalonians in his sermon.  In it Paul tells them "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks..."(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).  That seems like a tall order doesn't it?  It seems to me that even the most pious would struggle with praying without ceasing.   How do we do this when our hearts are often hard and our minds are constantly preoccupied?  Well he actually tells us - by giving thanks.  Let that be our starting point.  When you don't feel like praying, when you've been wronged, when you're overwhelmed by the seemingly lost battle in keeping house, give thanks.  God is abundant in His blessings towards His children, we should and must thank Him.  When having the king of all bad days, do not forget that you have a heavenly Father who loves you and delights in you.  Delight in Him!

Can you find a parallel here?  It may be a stretch, but do not be consumed by the to-dos, be thankful and revel in the bright spots in your home. Visit them often and perhaps use it as a moment to thank God for something!

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! An overall look at my apartment will probably never make anyone think it's perfectly organized, but I have little areas of neatly aligned cookbooks, the freshly dusted coffee table with it's vignette of candles, etc. Totally makes my day looking at those.

~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

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