Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween-y Things

Well, Halloween has come and gone and so has our little shindig.   We had such a blast I could see it becoming an annual thing.  Here's a recap...

My version of a cut out sparrow

Fun with a dry-erase marker

I'm quite proud of my bat wall...
It was so easy.  I did it in like 30 minutes.

I'm also very pleased with my wreath.  I made it based off of this tutorial.  I used a linen look-alike, although I'm dying to make one with some of the linen I found at Joann's.  They have the most beautiful mustard and turquoise colors!  Anyways, I made it and added a spider cut-out to make it Halloween-y. 

We had cute babies (my little zebra and his bff the monkey)...


...Staches on a stick

...and a cute little family!  (Ok, I know.  The popeye arms aren't great, but they seemed like a good idea in my head!)
We love our family and friends.  It was a great night. 


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