Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Initial Art and Big Plans

So I bought wooden letters of my son's name to hang up in his room before he was born.  I still haven't hung them because they seem so blah to me.  No color, just white.  I've been looking around for some inspiration and came across these decorated initials.  Love them!  Now I want to create some for our living room! But which one to choose...

Via Lily Cakes

Via Girl.Inspired.

Via Crazy Domestic
Via I am Momma
In other news, I've arrived at the point where I can't sleep because my head is bursting with new ideas for Lucia!  It's wonderful and exciting and a little exhausting.  But I'm gonna roll with it!   So hang in there with me and stay tuned to Waking Lucia because I have some great things in store! 


1 comment:

Jeff said...

I like the yarn/string wrapped letters.

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