Monday, December 6, 2010

"Craft & Cackle" Craft Party

Hello friends!  I pray you had a fun, relaxing weekend.  I wanted to share with you something I am quite excited about.  I have a great family and friends; and as a new mommy I've really been craving some girl time.  Not because I want time away from my son, well, you understand - girls just need girls occasionally. And It's really been bothering me that I only get to see some of my fam once or twice a year.  So... I decided to start a monthly craft day called "Craft and Cackle" (the "cackle" comes from my husband who says that's what we girls do when we get together...I couldn't agree more!). This is how it works:  they bring the materials, I give the tutorial. This month the tutorial came from Iammommahearmeroar, and we made her vintage "be" sign. 

This was the invitation...

We had some lovely young ladies who came, and they made button flower headbands and hairclips from Disney's tutorial over at ruffles and stuff

My very cool mom and step-dad hosted the party, and the weather was perfect!

my cute aunts...

crafting away...what a lovely sight!

cute, cute, cute.
showing off my very, ehem, advanced painting skills...

we are quite proud of our craftiness! 
This is how mine turned out.  Don't look too closely... seriously, don't... ok, avert your eyes!! No, I know it's not a masterpiece, but I think that just adds to the authenticity, right?  And come on, I'm left handed, how good can my penmanship possibly get?  This is not it's final home either, but I'm in the process of spiffying up the shelf it will eventually be on, but that's another post.

We had such a blast together.  I very much encourage you to start your own party!  If you do let me know how it goes!  You'll love the girl time, and you will feel quite accomplished!

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Flannery Buchanan said...

I love this idea! I get so much inspiration from people online but its hard to find other friends locally who share the same interest. This would be a great way to get that going!

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