Monday, October 4, 2010


One of my former students recently had a birthday, and I was invited to his party.  I wanted to make him something cool because he's a cool little dude.  But what is a 10 year old going to like that his teacher gives him?  Well...  five months ago my darling husband bought me the coolest gift ever - a Yudu screen printing machine. This was a perfect opportunity to take it for a test drive! So I scoured my list of "to-do" projects and came across this great idea for a shirt from I am Momma.  I tweaked it a little by changing the font and added a slice falling down, just to make sure everyone understood it was butter and ...

A smooth shirt for a smooth kid!

If you don't have a screen printing machine, don't fret!  I am Momma did hers by freezer paper stenciling and has a great "how-to"!  

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