Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Fall Hair Trends

The Tootsie Roll
The Super Side Part
The Sleek Pony
The Side Twist
The Loose Knot
I'm a bit partial to "the tootsie roll" and "the side twist" myself, but then again I'm a sucker for the romantic look.  I do think they're more universal than the others, though.  Anyone can pull off a hairstyle with body and look sexy, but not everyone can wear a slicked back style well (I, myself being one).  Go here to learn how to get these looks plus hair products that will help. 

While we're on the topic of hair, Cheri over at I am Momma, Hear Me Roar shows you a couple quick and easy styles that look super cute.  And if I was able to duplicate them, you know they're easy!

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