Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gizmodo Shooting Challenge

Gizmodo has a great challenge for anyone out there with a camera, extra time, a little know-how, and a can-do attitude.  It's called Single Space Composites, and it's based off a piece from photographer Peter Funch's Babel Tales collection.  Check out the article for specifics, but basically what Funch did was set up his camera in a public square and take shots repetatively in the same position.  After that, he superimposed images that shared a common theme on top of each other.  Check it...

Here he incorporated all of the shots with balloons

Does anyone else see Abraham Lincoln in this one?

So back to the challenge.  It's simple; find a really public place and set up camp.  Then use an editing program, such as photoshop, and work some magic (that's where the know-how comes in).  Enteries are due Sept. 20th and there are other details you need to know.  Go here for more info.

If I ever get a decent camera this will definitely be on my to-do list.  What could be better than people watching but taking pictures while people watching!


oh, and check back tomorrow as I'll have an update on Lucia Sews!

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