Friday, September 24, 2010

Geeky Crafts

Want to make something for your geeky self, I mean friend? Here are a few random
(yet fun) ideas...

Turn signal jackets (my personal favorite)
Darth Vader Cupcakes 
A totally geeky NES controller coffee table that actually works (not for the faint of heart!)

A pumpkin carved in code

 An uber nerdy clock
 Your very own bat lamp
Or perhaps an old phone-inspired iphone case.
Craft nerds eat your heart out!

1 comment:

Adge said...

Since looking at that sight a few months back, I too have become addicted too ruffles. They are so easy to make, and make everything so pretty. I too share a few of your goals from your other post. When I got my very first friend, number 3, I was so excited I called my mom right away haha. For a while I only had my mom and aunt! So I know how you feel! Glad you have come so far. Your blog looks very interesting. I enjoyed reading it!! Have a great day!

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